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We offer personalized support as well as a simple and effective way to get matched with a coach or obtain a loan.

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Here are some benefits of credit coaching:

  • 24-7 support team
  • Credit assistance system
  • Maximizing your efficiency to improve your rating
  • Smart finance system
  • Tailor-made advice and tips
  • Coaching for all ages and types of credit
  • Credit rating supervision

Discover our coaching program

Wondering how our credit coaching program works? The goal of this program is to help you navigate the processes in your quest for credit, whether you are a young person or a newcomer building your credit, or if you want to improve your rating so that you can achieve your dreams.

At CreditPass, we value all files. For this, we make sure to make your safety a priority. All of our interactions remain confidential and your information will never be disclosed without your permission.

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*Coaching is offered to people of all ages.
**Loans are available to people 18 and over, unless an adult co-signs for a minor.

New Comers

Are you new to Canada?

Introducing WelcomePass. Its role is to assist newcomers and international students integrate more easily into the financial, residential and professional aspects of life in Canada. 

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